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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Joshy at 4 and 5 weeks

Our baby boy is growing right before our eyes!

Joshy serious

Joshy mad

Joshy sad

Camo baby

Sleepy boy

The Monkey! A gift from Beckwanda and Grandma Jan :)


Big yawn!

With Grandmother... the most gorgeous Grandmother ever!

With Uncle Justin

With GranDaddy

Entranced by mommy

Baby kisses

Little angel


Starrs In Denver said...

Man, what beautiful pics! The one of him all upset is hilarious...and your mom is so beautiful holding her grandson! Love the entranced by mommy one too... Thanks for sharing Summer!

beckwanda said...

Your boy seems perfect now... but just you wait!!! Hmmmmwwwwuuuaaahhhh!
But thanks for the wonderful post! He is sooooo amazing!
And you guys look like you are holding up so very well without sleep! :)

Anonymous said...

He sure looks well fed & well loved. Keep up the good work and before you know it he'll be blessing you back.