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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby Joshua- 3 weeks old

I'm in love :)

The 3 bottom pics are of our little Joshy
being held by his GranMary


Starrs In Denver said...

That top pic is so cute! I remember that feeling of holding my newborns with their little frog legs all tucked up under their tummys. He sure is changing fast. What a handsome little man he is! Thanks for sharing the pics.

beckwanda said...

i have been on a gluten free diet and have been feeling weak and sickly and now i know why!!!
i am coming over this week!
i will call you tomorrow.
love ya,

McNeill Family said...

This is why I love the blog world!!! I ended up here from the Starrs blog and someone else's I am not sure who but wow small teeny tiny world. Hi Summer!!! CONGRATULATIONS on the beautiful baby! You are a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. He's getting even cuter! Okay Summer now it's my turn to say you & Mike made a beautiful baby.

beckwanda said...

oooooooooooh! i LOVE him!
i can't wait to get some more one liners from raising arizona from ya. i suffer from low one-liner retention. i am so thankful for you summer and your amazing capacity for one-liners, especially from the best of films.
so hopefully i can come by this week and this time bring YOU guys dinner.
and please, just say no to gluten-free cookies. no offense june. :)